A Step-by-Step Workbook

A step-by-step workbook to help you manage your online reputation management and repair, with hundreds of examples,Shark attack! tools and tips.

Dont let the sharks in the reputation business take your money when you can do the same things for free with this easy How-To workbook.  Don’t pay $10,000 in up-front fees, plus from $10,000 and upwards per month, when in most cases you can do the same thing yourself for free.

Here are just a few of the “How To” elements  in the book:

1. Buy your own domain name and create a website for free, or multiple websites for free.  Step by step directions for building a website are given.  And where to find free website services and how they rank against each other.  We recommend GoDaddy.com for buying domain names and hosting.

2.  A quick example of all the steps for basic reputation repair.  The rundown is helpful in small situations, but is also a microcosm for how to do larger reputation  repair and repair shown in subsequent ”how to” step-by-step directions.  And example run-down is in the  Reputation Workbook page on this website.

3. What about filing libel and slander lawsuits?  This option is only available in a very few cases.  In general, based on recent legislation, postings on web forums, web blogs, and postings in the public domain (such as in RipoffReport.com) are legally immune from lawsuits.  Beside, most negative posting of untruths or half-truths are from disgruntled or former employees, and competitors, and are done anonymously.  Besides, getting into a legal war will only escalate the issue online and have it show even more about the negative issue in web searches in your name.

3. How do I know what people are saying about me?   First Google yourself!   You’d be surprised how few people actually do this.  Also there are several locations to look at what is being said about you on websites, blogs, social media and more, and instructions on how to use them.

4. Creating your personal brand. A critical step in defining who you are, what you stand for, your activities, businesses,  and your social networks to help fend off future attacks on your character, or your business.

5.  Buying a domain name.   Step-by-step instruction on buying you own domain name and getting it activated and protected.  If you have not already done so, buy your own domain name (or some close variation to it) as a “.com” domain name for less than $12 a year.  In fact, you should buy your kid’s and your spouses’  “.com” names while you still can before they are gone.  ”.com” domains are running out but .com is still going to be the primary domain extension for many years to come, and your kids will appreciate having them sometime in the future

6. Creating a website.  This is the single most important tool you haveWorld Wide Web emblem using globe to repair your reputation as well as to “push down” offending information to the third or fourth page of the web searches.  76 percent of those doing a web search only look at the fist page. We’ll show you step-by-step tools to create a website or build a website. There several ways to of establishing high-quality free websites, as well as a low-cost option to create a full-blown high quality flexible and professional looking website.  Includes detail about what pages to create, what to put on these pages, and creating a blog.

We’ll help you to create a website for free, and how and where to “host” your website and bring it to life without needing any technical knowledge

7.  Creating a Blog.   Enough said.  EVERY website shoBlog logo in orangeuld have a blog.  Every blog post is also like the search engine equivalent of having another new page in your site — helping significantly to raise your search rankings and to “push down” any negative stuff.  Your site needs new blog posts or comments from time to time (one a week to once  month) so that your site is not just static. Your site needs to be kept “fresh” to attract the kind of attention that keeps your site highly ranked.  We can show you how to get help doing that so you don’t  have to do all the posts yourself.

8. Importance of keywords.  While placing keywords in your hidden codes used to be an important and useful undertaking, but that is no longer the case and these keywords are now disregarded by most search engines.  We’ll teach you how to search for and find great keywords that really make a difference, how they rate against competitor sites, overall keyword analytics to see how they are doing and if they need adjustment,  and where and how to add them to your sites the correct way.

9.  Online Reputation management.  Online reputation management covers all aspects of creating and enhancing your online image and/or to fight off and repair negative online comments or accusations about you that are going around the Internet.  Some people confuse this with Search Engine Optimization, but SEO is only one tool in establishing and protecting your reputation.

10.  Search Engine Optimization.  Gee, where do I start in just one Search Engine Optimization text emblemparagraph to cover SEO?   There are so many ways for “How To SEO” your site, not only on your site, but off-site as well.  Here’s where your keywords come alive to help you.  The key is how you handle this issue and not get yourself penalized by Google.  We’ve got a very substantial chapter and numerous subsections to this critical issue.  We’ll teach you how to SEO in no time, how to build a seo-friendly website, choosing keywords and the ins and outs of online reputation management in easy to follow steps.  You don’t need your own hired SEO firm when you can get  high quality SEO for free.

Note: Some online optimization and reputation management firms outsource work to foreign workers who are spamming the Internet — throwing it all against the wall to see what sticks.  Not to mention in questionable English. That’s a recipe for disaster and you are likely to have your site penalized by Google search rankings, and other search engines.  If you chose to hire someone for help, we’ll give you some suggestions and what to look for in a professional SEO firm.

11. All-In-One SEO Pack.   We’ll spend some time on the most popular Search Engine Optimization tool by far.  It’s easy to use, and a very powerful SEO tool,  but you have to understand what all the various boxes and check-off options mean and how to fill them in.  We’ll give you what it takes for using AIOSEO Pack..

12.  Links and Backlinks, and About Google.    No one really knows from day-to-day how Google analyzes your site and how it indexes and uses what it finds, and it’s criteria for increasing your visibility in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).  But we do know many of the components, including the critical importance of links and backlinks (backlinks re links from another site to your site) keywords, content and more.

13. About Wikipedia.   Beware.  This is a great resource.  But it is also  dangerous place indeed; a place where no one is in charge.   It can be very beneficial to in increasing your web presence. . . as long as you are EXTREMELY careful.  We’ll give you the rundowns and well as the cautions.

17.  Top Do’s and Dont’s There’s always a top ten list for this, or for that.  We have  the dos and don’ts on several of the key issues in the workbook.  See an example in  large Spiral bindingthe Articles section of this site.

18.  A Glossary  What workbook would be complete without an extensive glossary that you can use when you run across unfamiliar terms or concepts?

We’ll walk you through all the steps to do your own responsible reputation fix,  reputation enhancement or reputation repair the right way.  It’s easy and it’s inexpensive. And you don’t need to know programing or complicated computer-speak to be highly effective. The workbook explains the how to and the why in easy-to-follow steps.

This and much more in-depth information is the form of an easy-to-use inexpensive workbook: at www.ReputationWorkbook.com

See also How To section


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