Advice regarding Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Your reputation is one of your most valuable intangible possessions. 

In reputation management, the best defense is a good offense.  We suggest building up considerable online “real estate” in advance as a barrier to negative comments by filling out numerous Social Media sites, have a strong website, and contribute to other blogs and forums nad write professional articles.

It is easy for someone to stain your reputation anonymously, so you have to be vigilant about what is on the Internet.  The three stages of ORM are:

  • building a reputation
  • protecting a reputation
  • and dealing with attacks

In the case of attacks, act now, not later.

Frequent searches of the Internet, blogs and forums is critically important.  Enhancing your reputation is a good defensive move. Having a presence on numerous social media sites is a good offensive move.  As are articles, participating in forums and even YouTube video.

Stay away from “black hat” SEO practices no matter how tempting.

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